Suiyobi No Campanella – Jugem je t’aime LP

水曜日のカンパネラ – 寿限無ジュテーム

Tsubasa Records – Warner Music Japan

12″ LP – Creative Direction, Graphic Design

Jugem Je t'aime?

Jugemu (寿限無) is one of the most famous folktale in rakugo, a form of humorous Japanese spoken entertainment. As the story goes, a father wanted his newborn baby boy to have a long and healthy life. Unable to choose a suitable name supposed to bring his child good luck, he went to the temple and asked a priest to give him ideas for an auspicious name.

The priest suggested several possibilities beginning with Jugemu (literally “limitless life“). Still undecided, the father gave the baby boy all the names proposed by the priest (which you can read carved on the b-side of that record). One day, Jugemu fell into a river. A school friend went to find Jugemu’s mother to tell her the young boy was swelling but by the time he was done pronouncing is whole name, it was too late to save him. Later, another boy named Choi (“short moment“ in Japanese) fell into the same river but was quickly saved.

Since that day, all the mothers of that precise village have been giving short names to their children.